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Scent As A Brand



Recent research in scent marketing suggests that, 1% of us remember what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, 15% of what we taste and 35% of what we smell. Obviously, our sense of smell dictates much of our reaction to an environment. As a result, it defines our behavior. That offers the opportunity to profit from its application.  ARE YOU?

A scented environment leads to customers staying longer and spending more. It has also been proven that, the sense of smell is the strongest of all human senses. Aromas trigger memories. Memories influence emotions. Emotions set moods. And moods dictate reaction. How would you want your brand to be remembered?

Just think of what scent can do for your brand:

  • A happy worker is a productive worker, his/her environment and surroundings therefore play an important role in this. Air quality that is free from harmful pollutants and odor is crucial to the health, safety and well-being of your staff.  A scented environment helps create a more pleasant feel office, efficient work force and reduce stress.
  • A scented environment has been found to reduce the perceived time spent in an office or waiting in line, service levels are evaluated more favorably.
  • Differentiate: the same way smell can be associated to a hospital, your office/space can have her own exclusive smell. Scents can forge unique, positive associations with a product, service or place of business.
  • Can be used to build brand loyalty: customers over time can now attribute your chosen fragrance to your office/space thus the saying: THIS PLACE SMELLS LIKE – “ ——————’’*

At PMNL, we are excited about launching this addition to our unique offerings. We have partnered with Scentair, a company based in the US.

ScentAir creates over six billion enduring impressions for their customers each  year. Operating in 109 countries, with over 85,000 deployments, ScentAir is the largest and most experienced scent provider. They are a member of the International Fragrance Association.

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We have over 200 different fragrance for you to choose from. The organisations who have deployed our fragrance solution can testify to its efficacy. Call us today, we will be glad to set up a demo for you in your business environment.

Scentsationally yours,
 Tanimomo Dare