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About Us

Welcome to our world, it’s an exciting one …………..

At about 10pm on the 10th of April 2008 in the beautiful city of Dubai, an idea was birthed. That idea today with an enormous amount of diligence, sweat and blood, devotion, support from our shareholders, staff, partners, clients, family and friends, research and development, human resources has grown to become -*PROPERTY MAKEOVER NIGERIA LIMITED.*

Over the years, we have been inspired to push the boundaries of possibilities. Our motivation are found in the words of George B. Shaw* – “some look at things that are and ask “why”, I dream of things that never were and ask, “why not”. *Our *“why not”* questions have created an array of novel concepts and projects to the admiration of our clients and the general public.

As a makeover company, our vision is to enhance the aesthetic potential of our client’s property. Like human begins, we have come to discover that property’s (building, auto, etc) equally have potential that need to be enhanced. That said, a few of the takeovers we are working on include:
SCHOOL MAKEOVER, HOSPITAL MAKEOVER, OFFICE MAKEOVER, AUTO MAKEOVER and so on. We are equally metamorphosing into construction, paint and furniture making and other new terrains.

Our flagship makeover idea, *THE SCHOOL MAKEOVER* was borne out of the desire to see schools in Nigeria and beyond look very beautiful and compare favourably with what schools look like internationally –thus encouraging attendance. Like the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy but we dare say, where Jack places matters a lot also.

Having worked with a growing number of schools over the years, we have come to identify the several boxes that need to be ticked before they can look anywhere close to “perfect and conducive”. We have listened to the needs of our clients and we are not resting on our oars to meet their stated needs. Wedaily strategize on pioneering ways to meet their needs in the form of:
beautiful playgrounds, sports facilities, ICT equipment and infrastructure, landscape design and so on.

*HOSPTAL MAKEOVER: *at the word of an hospital, you can see the dread on most people’s faces. This fear is occasioned by very poignant smell, decaying infrastructure, etc. BUT no more of this. Click here to see some of our hospital makeover related works.

We are a team of diligent professionals who love challenges. Whatever the scale of your idea or project, we are ready to work with you from concept to completion. Talk to us today, we are just a buzz away.

Thank you.

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