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Our Motivation

“Some look at things that are and ask why, I dream of things that never were and I ask why not?” – George Bernard Shaw

Our Vision

Enhancing the potential of your property

Our Makeover Team

PMNL is made up of a devoted, innovative and excellence oriented team who executes every project with a sense of passion and professionalism.

Welcome to Our World, Its an exciting one……….

At about 10pm on the 10th of April 2008 in the beautiful city of Dubai, an idea was birthed. That idea today with an enormous amount of diligence, sweat and blood, devotion, support from our shareholders, staff, partners, clients, family and friends, research and development, human resources has grown to become –PROPERTY MAKEOVER NIGERIA LIMITED.

Over the years, we have been inspired to push the boundaries of possibilities. Our motivation are found in the words of George B. Shaw* – “some look at things that are and ask “why”, I dream of things that never were and ask, “why not”. Our “why not” questions have created an array of novel concepts and projects to the admiration of our clients and the general public.

As a makeover company, our vision is to enhance the aesthetic potential of our client’s property. Like human begins, we have come to discover that property’s (building, auto, etc) equally have potential that need to be enhanced. That said, a few of the makeovers we are working on include…

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Tanimomo Dare

Tanimomo Dare

Chief Creative Officer
Property Makeover Nigeria Limited.


  • Hospitals


  • Landscape


  • Promotion